Humanity's eternal survival is only made possible
if you and I uphold the global mindset and vision of “Universal Family”.


The Nature Loving Wonderland is a home for ALL. It is the garden of utmost bliss, a cultural center for spiritual enrichment, a common ground for social interaction and a venue for the exchange of Nature Loving culture in the pursuit of cosmic unification.

The actualization of a Universal Family requires a joint effort from all walks of life to collectively elevate the essence of humanity in the cultural and spiritual domains. To enrich ones cultural life, various nature loving activities are provided as a source of inspiration and orientation in life. Spiritual experiences to connect with larger reality are also offered. They yield to a more comprehensive self, joining with other individuals or human community; with nature or the cosmos or the divine realm. We have informative series and practices of the teachings of Buddha Maitreya. This area centered on nurturing healthier spirit, body and mind to be in harmony with nature.

Our attention also directs to ensure a sustainable happy and healthy lifestyle. By communicating through the Web and your active participation in our activities, we share with you the nectars of good fortune, cheer and joy. We hope that humanistic ideas of a Universal Family be delivered, so that your good-self, your family and all others will be mentally and physically fulfilled with the joy of good health and inner peace.