Bliss is in the present moment.

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Nature Loving Wonderland -
The Beauty of Dignity, Divine Equanimity and Bliss
  • The divine scenic beauty of the clouds, light and mountains.

Great Love and Beauty
  • When there is love, there is no selfishness.
    Love and beauty empower us to always be genuine and kind.
    Love does not discriminate based on differences in ethnicity, religion, and stance.
    Love is not apathetic, ostracising, or destructive.
    The power of love and beauty is mighty enough to break down high walls.
    There is no need to find faults or blame one another.
    Instead let us turn away from our past greed and arrogance,
    and come together as one family to overcome the crises ahead of us.
    Mother Nature is gently calling.
    We are all children of Nature.
    We, and all creations of Nature, are one family.

The World Needs Love
  • The World Needs Love. Please Warm the World with Love.
    Love is selfless giving.
    It is seeing the needs of others and offering a helping hand.
    Love does not cause pain.
    It brings warmth and happiness to life.
    Love knows no borders nor differences.
    Amidst various oppositions, it seeks to understand the helplessness of others.
    Love does not falter.
    It comes from the courage and perseverance within our conscience.
    The strength that comes from love is the exemplification of the beauty of humankind.
    Only when we seek to understand others through the lens of love can we see the world and ourselves clearly.
    Love needs no reason and expects nothing in return.
    All life at birth possesses the innate nature of love.
    Love and beauty are the common origins of humankind and all living things;
    they are also the essence of human faith.

Love and Awakening
  • We are one family. As we face the new Coronavirus epidemic together we believe that love, awakening, and vegetarianism can help the world overcome these troubled times......